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1000W Heavy Duty Motor
4 Jars
Unbreakable Polycarbonate Juicer Jar
Safety Lid Locking System
Unique Interlocking Safety System
Magic Seal Protection
Samurai Edge Blades
Flow Breaker Jars




A vital kitchen appliance, this Panasonic Mixer 爱游戏电子|爱游戏棋牌|亚博爱游戏 can be used for juicing, blending, whipping, and grinding.

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    • Flow Breaker
    • Magic Seal
    • Piano Type
      Plastic Buttons
    • Blade
      Samurai Edge

    This mixer grinder comes with flow breaker jars for efficient functioning, and magic seal protection for lubricating the motor and preventing entry of water into it. It is easy to use with its piano type plastic buttons and 3 speed and pulse settings. The Samurai edge blades provides tough performance and durability.

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    The plastic blender jar comes with a capacity of 0.65L with juice filter and 1L without juice filter. The stainless blender jar has a capacity of 1L while the chutney jar has a capacity of 0.2L. The stainless mill jar has a capacity of 0.5L dry and 0.3L wet.

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    • 1000 W Powerful
    • Lid Lock
    • Inter Lock
      Safety System

    For efficient performance, the mixer grinder comes with a powerful 550W motor. For your safety, this Panasonic appliance is equipped with a safety lid locking system and a unique interlocking safety system to ensure that the lids and jars are locked in properly.


Panasonic MX AC 400 Mixer 爱游戏电子|爱游戏棋牌|亚博爱游戏

Panasonic MX AC 400 Mixer 爱游戏电子|爱游戏棋牌|亚博爱游戏

Panasonic MX AC 400 Mixer 爱游戏电子|爱游戏棋牌|亚博爱游戏

Panasonic MX AC 400 Mixer 爱游戏电子|爱游戏棋牌|亚博爱游戏

Panasonic MX AC 400 Mixer 爱游戏电子|爱游戏棋牌|亚博爱游戏


Sales Package Panasonic MX AC 400W User Manual
Brand Panasonic
Type Mixer 爱游戏电子|爱游戏棋牌|亚博爱游戏
Model MX AC 400W
Functions Juicing
Power Consumption 1000W
Juicing Yes

Total Jars 4
Material Samurai Edge
Locking System Yes

Unbreakable Polycarbonate Juicer Jar, Safety Lid Locking System, Unique Interlocking Safety System, Magic Seal Protection, Flow Breaker Jars, Ratings Voltage: 220 - 240 V, Piano Switch Style, Plastic Switch Material, Speed Settings (0, 1, 2, 3) Pulse, 0.65 L with Juice.


Brand Panasonic
Volts 220
Compatible Voltage and Plug suitable in your country
Power 1000W
Jars 4 Jars
Functions Dry grinding, Blending, Mixing, Chutney, Masala, Baby Food, Dry Yogurt, Spice, Curry paste, Nuts
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Shipping World Wide Shipping (220 Countries)
Delivery Free Express Delivery (3-6 Days)
Contact [email protected] | AUS +61 470 317 431 | IND +91 7395 959 759 | USA +1 412 219 5053

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Price US$300.00


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