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Capacity: XL SUPREME
Even and rapid heating
Unique design
Scratch resistant
Cylindrical in shape



Premier Puttu Maker is a steamer which is cylindrical in shape. Our Premier Puttu Makers are efficient consumes less fuel and highly durable in nature. Premier Puttu Maker Ideal for large quantity of puttu maker for Indian brand Premier. Features of Premier Puttu Maker Premier stainless steel cookware Puttu maker premier stainless steel cookware combine high-grade stainless steel with superior design. Features that ensure faster and more efficient and more elegant cooking options. Stringent quality control and confirmation to product specifications Ensure cookware that matches international standards not just in quality but also in design. The size, shape and beauty of the stainless steel medium allow for many attractive cookware options. It combine to make premier stainless steel cookware with look and style that meet the demands of the millennium.


SKU premier-puttu
Brand Premier
Warranty 1 Year International Warranty
Shipping World Wide Shipping (220 Countries)
Delivery FREE (2-3 weeks) / Express(3-5 Days)
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Price US$75.00
Only 10 Available in Stock

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