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World's first fully integrated solution
that measures, mixes, kneads, flattens, cooks, puffs and, delights. All in one!

Dishwasher-friendly parts
Preserve the taste, nutrition and freshness.
Puffed with 3 separate layers.

Make Delicious
Chapathi Roti-Puri-Pizza-Pita-Tortilla-Wraps



Enjoy fresh rotis in minutes with Rotimatic which is the world's first fully combined solution that measures, mixes, kneads, flattens, cooks, puffs and delights. Rotimatic can recollect the taste, nutrition and freshness


Features of Rotillicious - Roti Robot

  • Ease-of-use is at the very core of the Rotimatic design and as long as you keep the Rotimatic ingredient containers filled.
  • We can enjoy rotis at the touch of a button and cleaning it up is also easy with two removable, dishwasher-friendly parts.
  • Every roti is round, evenly cooked, and Puffed with 3 separate layers.
  • Rotimatic can Preserve the taste, nutrition and freshness.
  • Rotimatic is built with IoT smarts, 
  • It learns with every new roti, gets upgraded constantly, and is always operating with the latest firmware.



Rotillicious is an extremely easy to use appliance. All you need to do 3 steps.

  • Put the flour, water and oil in the respective containers.
  • Select how number of rotis and how hard and soft you need the rotis.
  • Press the start button.

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Technical Specifications of Rotillicious - Roti Robot


Dimensions 48cm  *45cm* 45cm
Weight 15 Kg
Voltage The Us Model Specification: 110V
Working Power 2000W
How many rotis can it make with one full floor container? 15rotis - (1 roti in approx 80 seconds)
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Delivery Along the Country Based  - Home Delivery (90-120 days)
Certification UL Certified and FDA approved
Sales Package Oil Container, Flour Container,Water Container,kneading cup,Kneading Tray,Detachable Power Cord,Manual Book, Warranty Card.



SKU Roti-Robot
Brand Electra
Warranty 1 Year International Warranty
Shipping World Wide Shipping (220 Countries)
Delivery FREE (2-3 weeks) / Express(3-5 Days)
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Price US$999.00
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