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Elegantly in a modern kitchen.
Medium Size of Microwave.
Weight : 20Kgs
Dimensions : 40cm(width)*40cm(length)*32cm(height)
10 active motors ,15 Smart Sensors , 300 Parts.
Smarter Wifi is added to access .



Enjoy fresh rotis in minutes Rotimatic is the world's first fully integrated solution that measures, mixes, kneads, flattens, cooks, puffs and, delights. All in one.One hardware. Many software updates. One Rotimatic. Endless Possibilities.All you need is flour, oil, and water. No more hidden additives, chemicals, or preservatives from frozen food. Pick every last ingredient, so everything is fresh and be in control.Rotimatic is designed as a platform to make any type of flatbread. It connects to the internet and upgrades with features that add more variety to your table and parties.


Rotimatic automatically measures, dispenses, mixes the ingredients and kneads one dough ball at a time. With the built-in AI technology, it can mimic human judgement to adjust the proportion of flour & water real time to create a perfect dough ball.

Taste, powered by technology

Engineered for perfection. Designed for ease.

The Power behind the robot.

From flour to freshly puffed flatbread in a minute. This is possible with a 32-bit microprocessor that harmoniously orchestrates 10 motors, 15 sensors and 300 parts in parallel. The 10 motors work together based on the data from 15 different sensors, which measure things like temperature, position and the most complex and important metric, that is, consistency. It manages all processes seamlessly to save every second possible.

Never stops learning. Smarter with every use.

Powered with Artificial Intelligence and IoT capabilities, Rotimatic keeps getting better with data from every flatbread made. Once connected to WiFi, it upgrades itself with the latest software updates and provides remote troubleshooting capabilities. Rotimatic gets smarter over time and empowers you to do more and get creative.

 The robot with a human touch.

Rotimatic mirrors human judgment to adjust the proportion of flour and water real-time, so that every dough ball is consistently kneaded, evenly thin and round. This means every roti is toasted to a delightful golden brown on the outside, while being soft and fluffy on the inside. 

Being calculative is a good thing.

Every ingredient amount is precisely calculated and dispensed; thanks to the world’s first fine particle dispenser in a kitchen appliance - an invention inspired by state-of-the-art medical devices.The result – perfect dough and perfect roti every single time.

Perfection comes from within.

Custom Designed Heat Flow means every roti is cooked from the inside so that they are beautifully puffed. This is achieved by toasting plates that almost touch the surface of the rotis and turn moisture into steam.

Flat out, the best roti you can find.

Perfectly flat and round rotis are possible now; thanks to the world’s first Flat Pressing Mechanism – a process that applies uniform force throughout the roti, while being precise enough to achieve thickness control down to 0.2mm.

Designed to delight.

  • It blends seamlessly into your kitchen, adding beauty without drawing attention to itself.
  • Inspired by familiar cues such as the roti roller and dough ball, it brings you the feeling of home.
  • Airtight storage containers mean you fill fresh ingredients, and the Rotimatic will do the rest.
  • They also make the machine a joy to handle, easy to open and close, and a breeze to clean.
  • It’s so user-friendly that you won’t even need a manual (though it ships with one!).
  • The cleaning accessories are intuitively designed to reduce the hassles of cleaning.





Dimensions 40m(width) * 40m (length) * 32cm (height)
Weight 20Kgs
Voltage 220V/110V
Warranty 1 Year
Delivery Based on Country
Certification UL Certified and FDA Approved
Sales Package Oil Container, Flour Container,Water Container,kneading cup,Kneading Tray,Detachable Power Cord,Manual Book, Warranty Card.



SKU Rotimatic-Roti
Brand Electra
Volts 220
Capacity Commerical
Functions Used for making automatic chapathi,roti,puri,pizza,wraps,,etc
Warranty 1 Year International Warranty
Shipping World Wide Shipping (220 Countries)
Delivery FREE (2-3 weeks) / Express(3-5 Days)
Major Country World Wide Delivery - Major shipping to Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Russia, France, Netherlands, South Africa, Hungary, China and Japan
Contact [email protected]
Price US$2,000.00
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