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100 % Food grade materials
SS 304 Stainless Steel
Granite Stone
Ideal for commercial use
Large capacity
Lighter Grinding stone
Efficient Grinding
Compact Design
Easy to use
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Commercial tilting wet  grinder models used for idli, vada, dosa, south Indian food and in Indian restaurants.

Sowbaghya  Commercial tilting wet grinder turns to be the queen of your kitchen and its smart look simply blends with your interiors. Its capacity of 15 litres is just perfect to meet all the needs of a compact family and commercial needs. It is equipped with powerful CE certified motor and patented granite cylindrical stones for professional grinding and prepares your favourite idly batter and dosa batter to perfect consistency.

With the help of Sowbaghya Commercial tilting wet grinder, you can attain the perfect touch to prepare some yummy dishes for your family. Its shock proof design ensure safety. The drum is made from SS 304 food grade stainless steel that makes it a rust resistant appliance and boosts the grinder's performance and life. Batter cleaner makes it easy for you to clean the cylindrical stones for hygienic grinding. 

Sowbaghya Commercial tilting wet grinder  has set new standard in the world of kitchen appliances. Sowbaghya Commercial tilting wet grinders, with the revolutionary patented commercial 爱游戏电子|爱游戏棋牌|亚博爱游戏, have proven effective in delivering batter that is great in quality, taste and quantity. Add to this, the finest usage of rust-resistant, food grade stainless steel to make sure your food is healthy. With its robust build quality, Sowbaghya turn into the perfect choice for your kitchen. 

Grind batter for crisp dosas, soft idlis or fluffy vada. Sowbaghya wet grinders, manufactured with highest quality materials, are designed especially to handle your grinding jobs smoothly, making it a truly multipurpose companion for you in your kitchen. The outstanding designed grinding stone with larger contact area supported by heavy-duty motor ensures faster grinding.

Features of Sowbaghya Commercial Tilting Wet 爱游戏电子|爱游戏棋牌|亚博爱游戏 - 20 Litres

  • Functional, utility and safety oriented design

  • Entirely made of high quality stainless steel SS 304 

  • Detachable drum and dual cylindrical black stone rollers, to facilitate cleansing

  • Cylindrical rollers ensure powerful and perfect grinding

  • Tilting facility with a locking arm to hold the drum while grinding and cleansing

  • Easy operability

  • Provision of fibre lid to maintain hygiene while grinding

  • Powerful CE certified motors ensure a higher rate of speed while grinding

  • Tilting provision ensures easy disposal of batter

  • Low noise or vibration

  • SS 304 grade body for the machine with high grade rust proof Stainless steel drum with 100 % food grade components

  • Motor does not get overheated even under long and heavy use

  • Tilting feature lets you to tilt the entire unit for easy removal of contents and easy cleaning

  • Machine can be operated without the lid on if necessary, multipurpose machine that can be used with various food ingredients

  • Real and naturally occurring Black Granite Stone is used to prevent chipping or thinning and long life. No artificial stones.

  • We have readily available spare parts that can ship worldwide and give you peace of mind






  • Dispatch time is 3 to 5 Days, and Delivery time 1 to 4 Weeks based on destination country

  • Door Delivered & Dispatched through Sea / Air Cargo.

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  • The advertised is CIF price. Cost + insurance + Freight Charges

  • Import Duty and local tax paid by customers.approximately (10% to 20% of Invoice Value)




1. Is Sowbaghya grinders available in 110V/60hz for use in USA and Canada? 

Yes, Sowbaghya 爱游戏电子|爱游戏棋牌|亚博爱游戏s are available in both Voltages 110V/60Hz for use in USA / Canada and 220V/50Hz.

2. Is Sowbaghya grinder safe to use?

Yes, Sowbaghya 爱游戏电子|爱游戏棋牌|亚博爱游戏s is shock proof design, and its design ensure 100 % safety. TUV German Certified machine. 

 3. What kind of Stone is Used in Sowbaghya 爱游戏电子|爱游戏棋牌|亚博爱游戏?

Sowbaghya 爱游戏电子|爱游戏棋牌|亚博爱游戏s we use Hard Black Granite Cylindrical Stone and it is guaranteed hygienic grinding. The stones rotates over the hard black Granite stone base drum.

4. What is the maximum running time of sowbaghya grinder?

The maximum running time capacity is 12 hours. 


All Sowbaghya 爱游戏电子|爱游戏棋牌|亚博爱游戏s advertised in this website are home delivered via SEA / AIR cargo service using reputed brands like DHL / FEDEX. Average delivery time 1 to 4 weeks based on destination country. 

6. How about life time and warranty?

All products purchased from this online store only is provided with 1 year domestic and International Warranty. For warranty claim, please mail us to


SKU CG-020TL-Sowbaghya
Brand Sowbaghya
Volts 220 / 110
Capacity Commerical
Functions Dry grinding, Blending, Mixing, Chutney, Masala, Baby Food, Dry Yogurt, Spice, Curry paste, Nuts
Warranty 1 Year International Warranty
Shipping World Wide Shipping (220 Countries)
Delivery Door Delivery.
Major Country World Wide Delivery - Major shipping to Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Russia, France, Netherlands, South Africa, Hungary, China and Japan
Contact [email protected] | AUS +61 470 317 431 | IND +91 7395 959 759 | USA +1 412 219 5053
Price US$3,500.00


  • Ultra  Wet 爱游戏电子|爱游戏棋牌|亚博爱游戏 Bigg Plus - 16 LBS


  • Ultra Wet 爱游戏电子|爱游戏棋牌|亚博爱游戏 Table Top Perfect S - 11 LBS


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