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Compact Tilting Wet 爱游戏电子|爱游戏棋牌|亚博爱游戏 - Free Shipping

Purpose : To grind wet 1. Rice 2. Dhal 3. Masala
Capacities : 2 Liters
Weight in Kgs : 15





Model No : 2 LTRS SHREE


Wattage : 96 Watts
Rotations : 960 rpm
Power Consumption : 230V AC - 50 Hz


Type of Drum : High grade steel


Capacity : 2 Ltrs
Type of stone : Roling stone
Style : Sleek design that adds glamour to your kitchen


Speed settings : 1


Additional : Table top cum Tilting Model



Sowbaghya Tilting Wet 爱游戏电子|爱游戏棋牌|亚博爱游戏 is unique as you can see it can be tilted at 90 degree. Easy to clean and use. Dough can be removed from the drum as easy as possible.


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SKU sowbagya-tilting
Brand Sowbaghya
Volts 220
Capacity 2 Litres / 11 LBS
Functions Wet Grinding, Rice Grinding, Dhall Grinding, Grains Grinding, Curry Paste, Curry Masala, Spice Masala, Idly Dosa Batter
Warranty 1 Year International Warranty
Shipping World Wide Shipping (150+ Countries)
Major Country Frequently Shipped to Asia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Russia, France, Netherlands, South Africa, Hungary, China and Japan
Contact [email protected] | AUS +61 470 317 431 | IND +91 7395 959 759 | USA +1 412 219 5053
Price US$350.00


  • Premier Compact Table Top Chocolate Melanger 11 LBS


Only 10 Available in Stock

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